Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Perfume of the Month

Tommy Hilfiger - Dreaming

This smell is so beautiful, girly, and flirty - a total package for Spring.

Notes are: white peach, tuberose, freesia, white hibiscus, white woods, and orris.

The overall smell is very fresh and radiant, and when I spritz it on, I almost get a kick of extra energy. Weird, right? Although I own more perfumes than you'd ever wish to know, I am quite picky with smells. This one won me over recently, although it has been released over a year ago! I realize that perfume is very personal, and what may smell amazing to one person may not seem as appealing to another. However, I think this particular perfume would cater to most women, especially to those between ages 18 and 34.

And now its your turn! What is your favorite perfume right now?


GiGi said...

My new fave is Sexy Little Things by Victoria Secrets. The bottle is so sexy, & the smell is light & sweet.

*SweetestSinSheroon* said...

I have so many favorites, but right now I use Chanel Chance :D

Tali said...

Tommy H perfumes do have this thing about them. I dont know what it is but whenever I smell them I want more! Even if its totally not my style of scent I do love Tommy girl!

My favourite right now is the Summer Musk scent from the body shop!! Another random one!