Tuesday, April 14, 2009

FOTD's and Product Reivew

I had a small event last night, and thought it would be a great opportunity for me to do a Face of the Day (FOTD) post for you today. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Getting Ready

My make up is done, but the hair still needs some work in this picture.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (Original formula) in Sand
Make Up Forever Lift Concealer in #3 under eyes
Make Up Forever HD Powder to set everything
Too Faced Chocolate bronzer
MAC Peachy blush
MAC Soft and Gentle Hi-lighter on upper cheek bones and nose

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Coastal Scents Neutral Pallet colors (Beiges, Dark Browns, even the very dark burgundy, which almost looks black)
MAC Penultimate Eyeliner (a little on top and bottom)
MAC Smolder pencil along waterline
Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara
#116 Ardelle Lashes - love them!!!

MAC Lip Erase (as base)
Sally Beauty Supply thick lip pencil in Shimmering Raisin
Rimmel Lipstick in Frosted

Complete Look My hair is all finished! I used the Enzo Milano Wand, which I absolutely love! I personally have never owned a better curling tool prior to this one.


What do you think? It actually did not take me long at all (thanks to Enzo Milano). In order to add volume and length I used 4 wefts of human hair extensions in 20 inch and 18 inch (and although I love the look, I don't do this on a daily basis).

BumpitI've grown to love bumpits. Personally, I am not a fan of teasing hair, nor am I a fan of hairspray. By using bumpits I avoid both of those methods. After I finished styling my hair, I lifted up the hair on my crown area and placed the bumpit right along the roots. I shifted the bumpit around in place for a few seconds to ensure security. Once I felt confident that the bumpit would stay in place, I dropped my hair loose over the bumpit. That's it! Oh, and in case you wonder, I wore this handy little tool for over 3 hours without any problems or discomfort.

If you don't already own Bumpits but are interested, click below to either buy them or simply read a little more:,default,pd.html

Note: Of course, as almost every product out there, this is not for everyone. Not everyone will like it as much as others, but you just might!!


Av said...

Stunning look. Love the lashes x

tiffany said...

your make up is it!! are you making youtube love to see how u did this xx

Yelena said...

Av - Thank you! I could never find the perfect lashes, but these one are pretty right on!

Tiffany - Thank you! I do not currently make videos but I think I'll start very soon! I'm not very technical so it may take me a few tries :-)

GiGi said...

I hope you do start making videos. You look Beautiful. Your hair color looks lighter, or maybe it's the camera.
I love your culrs. I have to get that iron.

MediterraneanX said...

I have bumpits but can't make them work for me, I think my hair is too fine :'( but they look awesome on you!x

Tali said...

I want a bumpit!!

Im rubbish with extensions.. you can always see them in my hair.

Your hair is AMAZING!!
If I wasnt so goddam lazy and rubbish with extentions that would be my daily look!

Anonymous said...

WOW, you look gorgeous and have the most beautiful skin!! I agree with Tiffany you should definitely make youtube videos! I love the eye makeup, would love to see how you did it :)

Aleksis said...

You're so gorgeous! I loooove the hair...S-E-X-Y! What do you think of the LM TM? The more I wore it the more I disliked it! lol

Yelena said...

You ladies are so freakin sweet and amazing! For you girls I will absolutely have to learn how to do YouTube! I may start with some practice videos here first (if thats possible).

GiGi - I will work on the videos. My hair is a bit lighter but not is probably the camera.

MediterraneanX - It also took me some time to get the hang of them. Girl, my hair is not by any means thick...I wish it was. I think the fact that the extensions were in helped...but its not really about that. The key is to shift bumpits at the root for a bit...let those little teeth grip on to your hair. You may need to use some kind of styling product. But hey if it doesn't work, its not all that important anyway :-)

Tali - Well in all the photos I've seen of you on your blog, your hair is absolutely fabulous!! I'm not sure if you wear extensions in any of those photos but I think you are a natural!

nikkiga1530 - hey!!! Thank you thank you! My skin was having a good day yesterday probably because I did Mystic tan the night before. You know how it moisturizes and makes skin look perfect (for like a day haha). I will get on those videos!

Aleksis - MY LOVE!!! Haha..well I only own a sample of the LM TM so I haven't used it too often...this is my 2nd time. So far so good, but then again who knows what I'd think about it if I actually experimented with it more. I did not get shiny with it, and the coverage was about where I wanted it...I'll wear this a little longer and then maybe do a review. What are you using right now?

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh I remember my days of the Mystic tan. Yes, the first few days were awesome and how great your skin looked, but the prep work to get ready for the spray tan was, well, just to time consuming. I guess I was so anal and scared about my feet and hands so I spent soooo much time applying that barrier cream. I am embracing my paleness right now...LOL. And I love the LM TM, I was pleasently surprised by it and the excellent coverage. I'm hooked on it now....LOL.

*SweetestSinSheroon* said...

hey Yelena.. you look absolutely beautiful!!! And your lashes omg I didn't even realise those were falsies until I read the list of the products :D
anyway.. keep on posting the looks

bubblegarm said...


Maddy said...

You look absolutely stunning! love the hair!!!

Yelena said...

nikkiga1530 - Yup...that's Mystic tan for you! Very time consuming...but of course it is a much healthier way to look glowy and tan and its soo moisturizing. For me though, its tough to do anything active after...I feel so sticky and scared to make the color run. ha! I'm glad you like the LM you have oil free or original formula??

*SweetestSinSheroon* - Thank you! Yes, these were definitely falsies...Ardelle 116...I absolutely love these! Another great thing about them is that they don't feel heavy at all.

BUBBLEGARM - Thank you darling! Can't wait to see your FOTD's too :-)

Maddy - Thank you Maddy! It was fun to play with make up and hair :-)

courtney said...


courtney said...

also whats the differnce in curls of the conical and this regular barrel?

Yelena said...

courtney - Thank you for tagging me in your blog!!! I do not own a conical iron, but I can imagine that you can create tighter curls with a conical since it is thicker on one end and thinner toward the tip. I personally do not want my curls any tighter, so I am pretty happy with the regular 1 inch barrel. This is a great curling iron though...I cannot see myself using a regular one again to be honest :-)

AbcGrrrL said...

wow your hair looks amazing :)

Anonymous said...