Thursday, April 23, 2009

Favorite Drugstore Lip Glosses - Look Hot Saving Money

Who said that you have to spend a lot of money on beautiful lip glosses? Drugstores have a number of great choices that are comparable to MAC, NARS, and other upscale brands. And please trust when I say, I am very picky. Qualities that I particularly avoid in lip glosses are: sticky, watery, oily, too sheer, and too sparkly. Also being the fan of nude/light pink lip color that I am, I am very particular about color payoff. My lips are naturally red, so I need a very pigmented nude color in order to achieve my signature look :-).

Please let's give a round of applause for the three Drugstore lip gloss winners: L'Oreal Bubble Gum, Neutrogena Groove, and Neutrogena Whisper.

(From Left to Right in Both Photos) L'Oreal - Bubble Gum, Neutrogena - Groove, Neutrogena - Whisper

What do you think of the colors? I am in awe :-).

Bubble Gum by L'Oreal is a very light peachy pink and a perfect dupe of MAC Underage! I just put them side by side and they are identical. What an easy method to save $7. It is also a huge plus that the gloss has a yummy hint of a fresh and fruity scent.

Groove by Neutrogena is a typical baby Barbie Pink color, which is VERY similar to Kim Kardashian's favorite NARS lip gloss in Turkish Delight. I like this product even better due to its price, consistency, and smell. I have read positive and somewhat negative reviews for this lip gloss, but I love it completely. Turkish Delight would disappear on my lips, whereas this product stays :-). And once again, you can save about $14!

Whisper by Neutrogena probably resembles another famous and more expensive lip gloss, but I have not thought this far. I just really like the nude lip look that this gloss provides. Simple as that!

Do you have any drugstore favorites?


Tali said...

I looove those neutrogena glosses! Whenever i go to the US i always get them! It does taste better than Nars Turkish Delight too (which is the biggest mistake i even made.. so dosent suit me!)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I just picked up Groove today at the store. Great minds think alike...LOL

LottieB said...

Thank you for these swatches! Girly pinks are my fave colours :) xx

GiGi said...

I'm going to try the Neutrogena for sure. I was not impressed w/the Nars Turkish delight. It ended smelling like plastic, so i tossed it.

Thanks for the reviews!

CV said...

i'm going to pick up the bubble gum one next time i'm at the drugstore, thanks for the tip!

Aleksis said...

These are so pretty! I've heard good things about revlon lustrous glosses!

Trisha said...

Bubblegum is my #1 favorite! Groove is quite nice too, but I found Styli-Style plastique gloss in Flirty to be a little better of a dupe for Turkish Delight. You should look into them! It has a slight bit of stick, but not too bad!

courtney said...

i have that whisper one and love it as well!
i also have Turkish Delight and it smells AWFUL!

Yelena said...

Ladies, thank you so much for commenting!!

@Tali - Turkish Delight seems to disappoint a lot of consumers...surprisingly, right? Luckily we have other options :-).

@nikkiga1530 - yes, great minds must think very alike!

@LottieB - You are most welcome. I love seeing swatches on other people's blogs/youtubes because I get a better idea of the color. You deserve the same :-)

@GiGi - I hope you like Nuetrogena. Yes, I hear that Nars smells very plasticy after a while. That's not a great smell to have right underneath our noses.

@CV - Great! Let me know if you like it. I always passed the gloss by, but something made me stop last time I was at the store :-) Such a great MAC Underage dupe.

@Alekis - I almost feel like I own one of those...smells like an orange cream? I own only one Revlon gloss in a tube and I believe I like it. Must find it :-)

@Trisha - I'm glad you also love Bubble Gum. Haha I actually ordered the Styli-Style gloss in Flirty Martini 2 days ago! I will review it once I play with it for a while. Great call!

courtney - Aww you have whisper? Its pretty! Do you wear it on its own or over lipstick?

Sammie said...

OMG! i bought the neutrogena glosses after reading your blog, so in love!!! thank you, love reading your blogs! i also found out that kim kardashian uses turkish delight over angel lipstick with stripdown lipliner so i am totally ordering them to put the groove over!!!

CV said...

hi, yelena!

i bought l'oreal's bubble gum last night .. and i love it so much!

i've got mac's underage, and you're right - it's a perfect dupe. i actually like loreal better, because it smells way nicer and goes on smoother. underage was kind of thick and all over the place.

thanks so much, hun! love your blog!

Yelena said...

@Sammie - I am so glad you like the Neutrogena Gloss! I've used the three products that I've reviewed for a week now and absolutely still love them! Oooo, you should post a pic of your look with the stripdown l/pencil, angel l/s, and Groove gloss over top! I have those two items, which are great! Stripdown has to be one of my favorite liners! Thank you for visiting my blog!

@CV - Yay! Isn't bubble gum just perfect? This just proves that Drugstore products can be just as good and even better than the higher end brands that we like so much! Thank you for visiting my blog. It means a lot!

Sammie said...

i have been in love with your blog since i found it and i read it everyday. lol. so, anyways, i hope you don't mind but i put a link to it on my youtube video where i did a review of the neutrogena glosses! thanks again!!!

Charlene said...

dang those are gorgeous! thanks for the heads up!!

Anonymous said...

cant get any neutrogena glosses in ireland