Monday, April 27, 2009

Kim Kardashian = BLONDE!


Kim's Twitter photo

Miss Kim is now a blondie! I love her as a brunette because it is so exotic, but because my current hair color is very similar to her new one (and I feel a bit biased as a result), I am beginning to like this look as well! Her new hair color reminds me a little bit of Jennifer Lopez, and I know Kim is a huge fan of hers.

P.S. It is actually a wig!!!! She fooled all of us :-)


*Nehs* said...

I like it! she looks hot either way. :)

Ira* said...

yes her hairs looks sexy!

Aleksis said...

This is a much better pic than the one I posted! You can see the dimension much more here.

Anonymous said...

She looks good either way, but I prefer her as a brunette, but I guess I'm partial to that color since I am one as well :) She looks very much like J-Lo!

Tali said...

She looks hot.. i like highlights on her.. more glamorous! Shame its a wig!

javy said...

i hope she never goes blonde, shes such a hot sultry brunette!