Monday, August 20, 2012

Sultra Sophisticate Power Blow Dryer for SALE!!

Hello dear bloggers and blog readers,
I apologize for not posting in such a long time!  I miss all of you and hope you are doing well.
I am currently selling the powerful and wonderful Sultra The Sophisticate Power Dryer that has been taken out of the box and tried only once.  So the product is basically New and in original packaging waiting to be loved by someone!  It is truly wonderful - having the ability to dry even long hair in only a fraction of the time as most other dryers and costs $245 at Sephora! Whew.
Check out the Sephora link for more information{keyword}&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=1238229.
This thing is truly wonderful but too expensive for me.  So if anyone is interested I am selling it for fraction of the price - $140!!

Please contact me if you are interested :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Broadway Nails Fast French Deceptions Glue-On Nail Kit

Nails in a box?
I finally gave press on nails a try after years of acrylics, natural, shellac, sticker polish, gel, you name it.

There was always something about each of the methods that I did not like. For example, acyrlics always turned dirty or yellow, shellac stayed nice for a while, but still turned a bit dirty looking over time. Also, if the nail stylist messed even one little thing up there was no fixing it without removing the polish. Taking them off was much more difficult than advertised.

I was in Target and saw these nails:
I figured, I may as well give them a try. I put them on 4 days ago (took me maybe 10 minutes max), and I am so happy with my decision. This will save me so much money going forward, and I will be satisfied with the look for much longer. It bugs me that I didn't figure this out all the years while I was a cheerleader ambassador for Washington Redskins. We had to wear french manicure to all the games, and I spent way too much time in the nail salon. Now I don't have to (except for pedicures of course).

Here is what the nails look like when on:

You can get them at any drugstore. They cost around $5. You may even be able to use the same box for two different sets (depending on your size). The lasting power seems amazing as long as put on correctly. So far I have had mine on for 4 days, and they are still just as clean and shiny as they were the first day.

I haven't tried other brands, but I can imagine they are all great. What makes this set very interesting is that the bottom of the nails have moons...which makes them look even more natural.

I have not tried taking them off yet, but i have a feeling the process won't be as difficult as shellac or gel. I will keep you posted!!

If you want your nails to look beautiful but want to save your money (for other amazing products/services), then please go get these!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hair to wow for - HANA BLACKLABEL Shineshield

As promised, I have an exciting review for you about Hana Blacklabel Shineshield!!
I am obbsessed with beautiful shiny hair. Since mine is long, it can easily get tangly and that is not exactly a good look!! So I invest into products such as Moroccan Oil, various leave in conditioners, detanglers, you name it! But I have recently tried something AMAZING - Hana Blacklabel Shineshield - my new HG!
Here is what the website claims:
HANA Shineshield BLACK LABEL provides the ultimate shine for your hair in an all new alcohol-free oil treatment after just one use. Named *Product of the Year*, HANA Shineshield BLACK LABEL seals and locks in 98% of the moisture in your hair to deliver a deep hydrating condition. You will see the immediate difference in the look of your hair and also feel the sleek and silky touch. This product unlike its competitors can be used on all hair types to create any style.

HANA Shine Shield BLACK LABEL Features: Lightweight leave-in Oil Treatment Designed to protect and restore hair styling and environmental stress Oil Treatment absorbs quickly without a greasy feel for thorough deep conditioning Oil Treatment naturally dissolves residue, removing build-up from other styling products to leave hair clean & supple Oil Treatment naturally excels at thickening keratin layers, bringing out your hair's natural color overtones, highlights and brilliance

I have only been using Shine Shield for a week, but my hair has been unbelievable ever since!! So smooth, shiny, and manageable. I love!! The smell is super addicting and beautiful. Would I choose this over Moroccan Oil? I would :). I got this product from

They threw in some fun extra items along with Hana Shine Shiled. Everything was packaged beautifully. Take a look:

Bobby Brown Brush Set!!

Nail Buffers and Hand Sanitizer

Super soft hair

Have you ever tried Hana Blacklabel? I haven't heard of it until visiting the misikko website. I'll post a few more links that you may be interested in!

If you want to know what is considered the Best Flat Iron, check out this link

If you are in the market for Hair Dryers, check this out:

To learn more about Hana, follow this link!

Now its your turn to let me know what your current favorite hair products are!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I am back!

I have taken quite a break from writing blogs, but don't worry, I was definitely still reading yours.

I have been very busy lately with my makeup artist opportunities. I have my own business now: Makeup By Yelena . Wait till you see the photos of the weddings, models, fitness models, and nfl cheerleaders that I have been blessed to work with. Photos and stories coming up soon!

I have been also continuing the research for the best products! I have many many to share with you. The first review will be of my new favorite hair product: Hana Blacklabel Shineshield.
This is better than Moroccan oil - can you believe?? Check it out and look for my review soon!

If you have any requests on posts, please leave a comment. Or just comment and say hi!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hard Candy and E.L.F Haul

Hello my friends!

I have been very busy lately with life, job, Redskins (we are not doing too well this year, huh?), and various make up artist opportunities, which is why I've been so absent.

I have many many photos to share with you including my own photoshoot. Also, last night I had a chance to work with my best friend, who is a model and one of the top photographers Tony Veloz. I can't wait to share photos with you (as soon as I receive them). I did her make up, and she looked absolutely stunning! Please expect the shoot post in a day or so, where I will list all the techniques and products used.

I have been trying to make videos for you, but I still need an editing program. Please let me know where I can download a good one (preferably for free...hehe). But I am ready to speak to you on camera, if you are ready for me!!

I have not been buying much make up lately, but here is my recent haul that I love:

Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in 132 heat wave

Hard Candy Lipstick in Firewall and Flirt

E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

E.L.F. Liquid Shadow in Sultry Satin

This is a photo from last weekend where I incorporated all of these products :-)

Till next time!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Birthday Hello

Last week in Bahamas

Hey Everyone!!

I miss all of you very much! I have been so busy lately with work, life events, and a little vacation :-) that I have neglected one of my favorite things - blogging! Today seemed an appropriate time to reconnect because it is MY BIRTHDAY!
I am thrilled to see what my 24th year in life will bring - especially in the beauty inspiration department. While being 23 I have attempted to keep the glamour look while kicking it down a notch. I have learned that less is more (at least for a day look). Sometimes a tinted moisturizer is better than foundation, transluscent powder plus bronzer is at times prettier than powder foundation, chap stick/lip gloss is sexier than lipstick. These are just some of the lessons learned.

Since I have been gone for so long, do you have any special requests? I promise to respond to every one of your requests within just a few days.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have been a busy bee recently with so many great and busy things going on. Besides work and family events, I have been involved in a fabulous COUTURE FOR A CURE Fashion show in Washington DC, which raised money for Nadine Namoff's Woman of the Year Campaign (money goes to leukemia and lymphoma treatment and research). I have also been going to sporting events and spending very much valuable time with friends :-)

With that said, I missed you all very much and would love to update you on my recent favorite/Go-to products!!

Almay Nearly Naked Touch-pad Liquid Foundation - this is incredible...and funny enough, I used to use it in High School. I put just a little bit of this on before concealer application and final look is flawless!

Almay Smart Shade Concealer (in Light/Medium) with a breakthrough shade-sensing technology, which "starts out white and adjusts to right." So perfect under eyes and everywhere else. I've fallen for this one.

Mary Kay Concealer (in a black tube) color Beige 2 - This one is thicker in texture than Almay and still looks amazing under the eyes and everywhere else!

Eye Liner Pencil
Cover Girl Perfect Blend
MAC Smolder
Eyeliner Pen (Dupe of MAC's Penultimate)
Jordana's Eyeliner Pen (only $1.99 and amazing)

MAC Charcoal Brown - This color is perfect (for me). Instead of using a lot of different taupe's and browns on my eyelids at one time, I now only use a light nude color all over and this Charcoal Brown in crease, and it looks better than anything I've tried before (as far as neutral browns). This is also a great color to fill in the brows (for the light brown/medium brown hair).

Barry M 101 Lip Paint - Perfect pale/nude pink :-)

That's all for now, but please expect more Favorite Products Posts coming up shortly!