Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bronzer Battle: Too Faced vs. Smashbox

My curiosity never fails to amaze me...and perhaps that is something that a lot of us beauty lovers have in common!

The picture was taken in a bad lighting so the orangy colors you see are not true to reality. Both bronzer are natural brown.

I have just recently discovered my favorite bronzer by Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder, but what do you think I did yesterday? I bought yet ANOTHER bronzer, which happens to be Kim Kardashian's favorite - Bronze Lights in Suntan Matte by Smashbox.

I compared the two this morning and....want to take a guess?

To my surprise I favored Too Faced Bronzer! I am a huge fan of Kim Kardashian and think she is amazingly beautiful, so I am completely shocked that I still preferred my bronzer pick over hers!

Bottom line: The colors are similar...almost identical. However, Too Faced is much more pigmented and goes on smoother than Smashbox...just a little! With Too Faced, even though the bronzer is matte, your skin will absolutely glow after application simply because of how smooth the product is. You can layer this bronzer and thus achieve flexibility in color. And a huge perk on top of all of its great qualities, Too Faced bronzer smells and even tastes (but you didn't hear that part from me) AMAZING!

Smashbox is a nice matte bronzer too but is not as pigmented as Too Faced. Some of you may prefer that, but I like to work with a bit of pigmintation. Also, although it looked good as far as color went, my skin did not look like anything special after application. It was just a normal bronze contoured face...very every day, very regular, not bad, in fact good, but not better than Too Faced. :-)


Aleksis said...

I HAVE to have that bronzer! Def. saving my pennies for it...I'm glad it has good pigmentation because I'm SO over layering my NARS laguna, just takes so long...just a couple swipes would make the world of difference to me. Even if both bronzers were exactly the same...the fact that TF's smells and tastes(lol!)
Like chocolate wins me over!

beautyblog said...

Great blog! Maybe I'll try!

Yelena said...

Aleksis - Definitely save some pennies for that one! Its $28, which is a bit much, but then again all bronzers at Sephora cost that much so why not. hehe. I hope you like it when you do get it!

Beautyblog - you should! Thank you!

Tali said...

I still havent found one in london and i have been dying to get my hands on it! UHHHHHHHH!