Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tag, I am it!

I was tagged by the beautiful and wonderful Aleksis and KerryMarie to do a 16 Random Facts Post. I decided to attempt to keep this beauty-topics-related, but please excuse me in advance if I go off on a tangent.

1) I did not become interested in make up until high school.
2) The make up routines began with blue eye shadow and purple glitter...yuck...
3) My hair is naturally dark brown, but I obviously have hi-lites.
4) In the beginning of High School years, since I could not really afford to get my hair done nor did it feel right for my age at the time, I began to use Sun-in, which was a terrible mistake. My hair turned orange...except I thought it was light brown. It took a couple of critics to finally make me snap out of it. I have been scared of orange ever since.

5) I used to work at Bath and Body Works
6) I worked in Sephora for three years. My first day on the job I had to give a woman a full consultation plus "make-over".
7) I used to wear Bare Minerals, and loved this brand for a long time. I still own but don't wear it anymore.
8) Although my hair is fairly long now, I absolutely adore clip-in-extensions. They are so much fun!! I have Revlon extensions, Jessica Simpson extensions, a few other brands, as well as the ones that I have made myself.

9) I try not to wear too much foundation, but MAC Tinted Moisturizer, MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Revlon Colorstay, or a bit of Everyday Minerals are hard to resist at times.
10) I usually don't play around with too many eyeshadow colors. I love my beiges, burgundies, and browns. Sometimes I diversify though :-)
11) I am the biggest fan of pale nude lips.
12) My favorite red lipstick, however, is Fresh Moroccan.

13) I am a huge fan of black eye liner.
14) I feel like I look like an alien with fake eyelashes :-(
15) My favorite hair straightener is Remington Shine Therapy - I've used it for over a year and what a difference in the health of my hair. Lollipop 26 has a great post about this straightener.
16) My hair is naturally curly.

And now I must tag 10 people. I will tag the lovely ladies that follow my blog. Aleksis and KerryMarie obviously have done this already, so you are in the clear :-). I tag:

Sarah Bella

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Aleksis said...

Lol at number 4! I had a few guy friends that use to use this when we were in middle school. I'm the same way with eyeshadow colors, I want to wear whatever looks good so I tend to shy away from really bright colors! Thanks for doing the survey! ;)