Monday, December 15, 2008

Look of the Day


I love reading the look of the day posts, so I decided to do one for you. The below picture is my normal look. Although my products change from time to time, my overall look rarely does. I'll do more of these in the future.

I do my eyes first, in order to avoid messy fallouts or mascara accidents.

1) Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer all over the lid and up to the brow - I use this product religiously.

2) Limited Edition Flirt! Eye Shadow Pallet from Kohls. (Sarah Bella, I owe one to you! You did a great review on this pallet a while ago, which enticed me to buy it. Its really good!)
-#1 all over eye lid (neutral light brown with a bit of shimmer)
-#2 on the outer corners of my eyes (reddish color)
-#3 on the crease, blending a little bit above the crease also (medium brown)
-#4 MAC Espresso (dark neutral brown) - on the crease all the way across...blend!
-#5 as a highlighter below the brows

3) I use the E.L.F. concealer brush as an eyeliner brush because it is tiny!! I spray the bristles with Fix+ and then dip the brush into #6 MAC Carbon. I line along the top lashline all the way across.

4) I clean up the top line with a Maybelline liquid eyeliner in black(not all over). I then line my bottom lash line with a liquid eyeliner all the way across. I try to keep the line thin.

5) I use MAC Kohl power pencil in Feline along my waterline for a smoky yet defined look.

6) I prepare my eye lashes with MAC Prep and Prime (not pictured), and then do about two coats of MAC Zoom Lash Mascara (not pictured).

7) I clean up my brows with MAC Brow Set Gel in Beguile (not pictured).

Now on to the face! This part is quick.

1) Prep my skin with Rimmel London Fix and Perfect Primer - I like this one a lot! I use a flat foundation brush.

2) Put on a little bit of MAC Select Tint (Tinted Moisturizer) in NW 25 (my color always changes). I mainly place it around my nose and chin, because that's where my skin becomes dry during the cold weather. Plus, it evens out my skin just enough. I use a flat foundation brush. (I use MAC #187 brush for all other liquid foundations).

3) I dab a bit of L'Oreal Visible Lift concealer in Medium #187 under my eyes with a concealer brush. This concealer is gorgeous and so smooth. The coverage is medium to full. The finished feel is not too oily, but not stiff. This under eye concealer is the closest I found to resembling actual skin texture.

4) I finish off the concealer with a light touch of Everyday Minerals' concealer powder in Abbott's Perk Me Up. I dust a tiny bit under my eyes and around my nose.

5) I dust a little bit of Make Up Forever HD Powder all over my face to give me a matte clean look all day long.

6) I contour my face with TheBalm - Bahama Mama Bronzer by using #134 MAC Brush.

7) I dust a little bit of MAC MSF in Warmed on my cheeks for the glowy look and add MAC Blush in Peaches on top using MAC #129 Brush.

8) I line my lips with Milani Lipliner in Natural, fill them in with MAC lipstick in Fleshpot, and finish the look off with MAC Lipglass in Underage.

There you have it! The process seems lengthy but its fairly quick. :-)


Alana said...

Omgsh you don't even use a foundation? Lucky, your skin looks flawless! Do you have a certain skincare routine or do you just having super clear glowing skin? So pretty!

Yelebella said...

Alana - Thank you for such a nice comment! I definitely use foundation sometimes, but in that photo, no. But the Rimmel Primer gives you a bit of coverage (it has color), and the tinted moisturizer helps. The concealer under the eyes and around the nose is what I think really cleans the look up. Otherwise I'd look a bit tired.

I'll do a skincare post soon!

Aleksis said...

You look SO pretty here...your skin! *faints*....You know I'm loving that lipcolor too! I really like your Flirt palette...I hope you do more FOTD's...I know it's a pain in the butt, but if you get lazy just do what I do and only list the products you used. ;)

Yelebella said...

Thank you Aleksis!! The Flirt! Pallet is so much fun. I think you'd like it. The lipcolor is very typical of me...have you been using your Covergirl Powderpink L/S? That's so smart, I'll definitely do more of the FOTD's and I will most likely just list the products as you mentioned. That would take less time :=). Smart girl!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you don't have foundation on. I had to keep looking at the picture. I'm jealous. Flawless skin!! I really want to try that Bahama Mama bronzer, looks soo familar to Hoola, not big on sparkly bronzer. I just can't make my mind up about Hoola. Some days it goes on great and sometimes muddy. We both do the same thing with the fix+ and carbon, I love that combo. You look beautiful!!

Aleksis said...

I have been using my CG l/s and just recently I started dabbing a little bit of underage l/g over it and its so pretty! I love what you did with your lips here, I'll have to check out some of your lip recs when I go to MAC.

Yelebella said...

nikkiga1530 - I definitely love foundation and especially the look of foundation, but since I work in a fairly conservative place during daytime, I have to try to limit myself (as far as daytime goes). So I actually recently tried the tinted moisturizer with the Rimmel Prime and Perfect under it, and its amazing!!! It evens me out for sure...have you ever tried it? I never paid attention to it before.

Hoola is so tempting, but I think if you have oily rather than dry skin, the pigments adhere more strongly to your you'll get a dark patch, a hardly there patch...does that happen to you? that was my problem, although I loved the color. I think if you have drier skin, Hoola can work very well. Try Bahama Mama!!

Yelebella said...

Aleksis - how smart! Underage over CG l/s! I will try tomorrow! Oh my, we learn so much from each other!

Anonymous said...

Yes I have oily skin, so that must be my problem with the Hoola. I want to love it, but with a patch here and a patch there, I can't.

Never tried Rimmel primer. I will be picking that up today, most definitely!! Thanks for the tips!

Yelebella said...

nikkiga1530 - Please let me know what you think of the primer. I hope it works for you!

Anonymous said...

OMG your so pretty! I want to try and get the lipliner and the flirt eyeshadow palette!
Mwah x : )

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where i could get a flirt eyeshadow set from?

KerryMarie said...

your eyes are beautiful!

Yelebella said...

Emma - If there is a Khols store near you, go there! You'll find the Flirt! shadow pallet in the beauty section. Otherwise go to this website:
This is limited edition, so hurry :-)

KerryMarie - Thank you sweety!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you babe but they are all sold out now! ah well if your not fast your last eh : ) I really want to try to get the Milani lipliner your wearing in your look of the day pic...looks sooo good!
Thanks for your help!
Mwaahh xxx

Anonymous said...

Cant wait till your next look of the week, I loved this post! xxx

Yelebella said...

Emma - Oh no, all sold out? Oh bummer. Well hey, there are always Coastal Scents Pallets that I think are also very good...those will always be there.

I love the Milani lipliner...its called "Most Natural"

emilynoel83 said...

I LOVE this look- and I want that palette from Flirt!

Anonymous said...

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