Friday, December 26, 2008



I hope everyone is having very Happy Holidays! I am looking forward to reading all of your reviews on new products that you have probably received during the past week :-).

And now to the topic of the day: Mascara

Mascara is my Holy Grail product, hands down! The amazing effects that this product creates go beyond everything else. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the effects of mascara. Mine are as follows:

  • Lots of Volume (prefer no clumps, but they don't bother me too much)
  • Lengthen Lengthen Lengthen
  • Curl (but I rely on the Shu Uemura curler for that)

So the products that I love and use the most are:

1) MAC Zoom Lash

  • Pros: Intense drama, volumizes, lengthens, lifts
  • Cons: Won't give you a natural look if that's what you like, does not dry too quickly once applied
2) L'Oreal Voluminous
  • Pros: Lots of volume, dark and defined lashes
  • Cons: Even though this mascara comes with a curved brush, I have trouble achieving a curled lash look with this product. My lashes get weighed down. However, the intense volume is a payoff enough.
3) L'Oreal Telescopic
  • Pros: Defined lashes, volumizes, lengthens significantly
  • Cons: I end up layering this mascara over another one...I'm not sure how dramatic in volume this mascara is by itself.
4) Maybelline Lash Stylist
  • Pros: Defines EVERY lash, major volume, lengthens, a comb brush
  • Cons: Can clump just a little once the tube becomes older; otherwise, perfect!
5) Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara
  • Pros: No clumps, each lash is defined, lengthens, volumizes, lifts
  • Cons: N/A
6) L'Oreal Lash Out
  • Pros: Defines every lash, lengthens significantly
  • Cons: Not too much volume, so I use a volumizing mascara over top.
I tried to be as critical as possible with all of these, but I love them all. I could not choose the "best" one out of the 6, because that varries from day to day. Sometimes I use one mascara at a time; other times I pair two up (never more than two though). As I've mentioned before, I love dramatic eyelashes, and that's exactly the achieved effect with the help of the 6 mascaras I've reviewed.

I would love to hear about your favorite mascaras.



Thrill Seeker said...

Cool tips. loved reading it though am a dude.

Aleksis said...

I really like Maybelline Full &'s a lot like the Loreal Volumnious, but dries a little quicker.

Sammy said...

Good choices! I absolutely LOVE Telescopic, Voluminous, and Define-A-Lash (the green tube though). Another of my favorites is Benefit BadGal oooh and lets not forget the Victoria's Secret So Sexy Mascara! Oh jeez i have WAY to many :(

Aleksis said...

A lot of people have been saying in their reviews that their volumnious flakes onto their cheeks, but I don't remember mine doing that, what about you?

Yelebella said...

Aleksis - I used to use Full $ Soft...I think it was my first dramatic mascara...back when I was in High School. I wonder why I have not revisited that one in a while. Perhaps I should! I remember that the mascara never weighed my lashes down..and it did dry quicker. Good call! No, the L'Oreal Voluminous doesn't really flake...although I bet any mascara could if its getting a bit old. I haven't had that problem too much. :-)

Sammy - Hahah you are a mascara queen!! Good for you!

Natalie said...

OMG! As I was checking your blog for updates I saw your new picture and for a split second I thought you were Tyra Banks! It was so weird I was like wait what? But then I looked at it longer and realized it wasnt.. haha I hope you take that as a complement as I think she is grogeous, and so are you!

Yelebella said...

Natalie - oh my, you are sooo sweet!! Tyra Banks is a beautiful lady! That photo is one of my modeling pics...and in a small size it would probably reseble Tyra's look because I'm actually tan there and the dark dark all around eye liner, which she used to do in the past. And then the hair covers all the rest, ha! You are so sweet :-)

Sarah Bella said...

I LOVEEE the Define a lash (I've only tried the one in the green tube though)!! How is the pink one different?

Anonymous said...

I love L'oreal Voluminous in Carbon black, my all time favorite and 2nd is Lash Stylist. I always get compliments on my eyelashes when I wear that mascara. Makes my eyelashes sooooo long. I can barely wear my sunglasses, because my eyelashes hit the lenses.

Yelebella said...

Sarah Bella - You made me realize that I also have a green one somewhere stored away, so I just found it and compared the two mascaras and here it is: Green colored tube is waterproof, pink is not. Also, for some reason the brush from the green colored tube is a lot more flexible than the pink tube...I don't think this was done on purpose...perhaps I broke it. Ha! :-)

Nikkiga1530 - Carbon black...that sounds very appealing to me :-). Yes, lash stylist adds such great length and volume. Very gorgeous lashes. Your lashes must naturally be extremely long though!

Anonymous said...

You must try Carbon Black. I love it. Yes I have very long eyelashes, just wish they were thick as well.