Monday, December 8, 2008

Favorite Tanning Products


Before I begin my long write ups about make up, let's discuss a topic that a lot of us think about every once in a while, especially when the sun no longer shines - HOW TO LOOK TAN and yet streakless and natural.
Seems like an easy task, but clearly we've all been down the bumpy end of the road. Working in somewhat of an entertainment-type field, I have to look tan and glowing all year around. Here are my favorite at-home products:

Left to right: Dove Energy Glow, L'Oreal Sublime Glow Moisturizing MicroFine Mist, Tanwise Airbrush Self Tanning Spray, Skin Drench
Daily Radiance Facial Glow

Dove Energy Glow

Where to buy: any drugstores, grocery stores, ULTA, Target, etc.

What it does: gradually builds a beautiful summer glow - lotion with subtle self-tanners

Cost: $10.49 or less

My thoughts: I absolutely love this lotion in every way. Mine is for medium to dark skin tones because this one is more intense than the lotion for fair to medium skin tones. Meanwhile, since this is considered a gradual self-tanner, I do not find myself with any yucky streaks or orange discoloration. This lotion truly gives me a beautiful tan and healthy glow. There are no hidden negatives with this product. I try to use it every day. The wonderful and unusual characteristic about this lotion is that it actually smells good! Most self-tanners do not...especially once they sink into your skin and begin to develop. Dove Energy Glow one is AMAZING, and I absolutely recommend it to everyone (although something tells me most of you already have it).

L'Oreal Sublime Glow Moisturizing MicroFine Mist

Where to buy: any drugstores, grocery stores, ULTA, Target, etc.
What it does: Enriched with Natural Skin Tone Enhancers to work with your body's unique chemistry to gradually deepen your skin's natural complexion giving you the perfect dose of healthy summer color.
Cost: $10.69 or less
My thoughts: Love it! Once again, this is an effective gradual self-tanner. You just can't go wrong! Smells OK, not terrible, but not like red roses either. Very easy to apply...finally you don't have to worry about rubbing the product in. All you do is mist this all over your body, or wherever you please, and you are done. The bottle is a 360 degree continuous spray, so you can spray yourself from every angle. You should definitely notice the color develop in only a few hours. The only reason why I don't use this mist every day is because it gets EVERYWHERE: my floor, walls, products. Where do you suggest this product is best used? Shower maybe? I'm still trying to figure this out...otherwise thumbs up!

Tanwise Airbrush Self Tanning Spray

Where to buy: Sally Beauty Supply

What it does: "Delivers a natural, golden tan without the sun. The color guide tints your skin for mistake proof application. A natural healthy glow will develop into a light natural tan in approximately 2 hours. With Color Guide, Aloe, and Vitamin E enriched moisture care."

Cost: $11.99 or less

My thoughts: If you desire an instant bronze color, this is the product for you! Once again, this is a spray, so I have the same small issue with it as with the L'Oreal product - how to best apply without making a total mess. Sometimes I am successful, don't get me wrong. But back to the product itself. Smells like caramel...yummy (unless of course you don't want to smell edible), great results, fairly long lasting. With this product, when I spray I do not rub it in with my hands but I do use paper towels to towel off the extra bronze. The spray has bronzers in it, so you see exactly where it goes. This product is very similar to the professional Mystic Tan spray at the salons. This is a great self-tanner to have along with the others I'm mentioning. Note: this is not a gradual tanner...this one is more intense. I would not use this product every day, otherwise you'll be very dark (unless you want to be, of course).

Skin Drench Daily Radiance Facial Glow

Where to buy: Sally Beauty Supply

What it does: "Unique combination of Beta Carotene, Collagen Amino Acids, and Vitamins A/C.E defend the skin against the signs of premature aging. Melanogen accelerates and protects for a natural sun kissed glow."

Cost: $6.99 or less

My thoughts: Great facial moisturizer and tanner! I use this interchangeably with my regular moisturizer(s), but I tend to go for this bottle much more often than others. You've seen the comment above about what this baby does and the key ingredients that it contains. Beautiful! I have oily/combination skin, and this lotion does not break me out, does not make me oily, but actually makes my skin look very healthy. I really recommend!! Please let me know if you have trouble finding it...I'll try to do some research.

That's that! If you've been looking for good and effective tanning products, then try some of these. As you see, they are not overly expensive, but I would say better than a lot of the high-end brands.

Please let me know what tanning products YOU prefer!


Aleksis said...

You look so good! I'm so glad you listed all drugstore brands...I used to use St. Tropez, but that got so expensive....I've actually heard a lot about the Dove, and my mom likes the L'oreal Sublime bronze 'wipes'..I'll be checking these products out and I'll let you know how I like them! =)

Yelebella said...

Perfect! Let me know!

TML <3 said...

I want to try the loreal spray. But i hate using faketan, as i go training at the gym and get swetty, so the faketan goes away were my clothes tighten... ;-(

blaine said...

i am desperately searching for the "daily radiance facial glow" i have used it before and absolutely fell in love with the product. my skin has never looked so healthy! when i ran out and went looking for it at sally's beauty supply it was discontinued. i can not find it anywhere. can you help me out?

blaine said...

im desperately looking for the daily radiance facial glow. i have used it before and absolutely fell in love with it. nothing has ever mad my skin look so healthy. i went back to sally's beauty supply and it is discontinued. i can not find it anywhere. can you help me out???