Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My 4 Week Challenge (created by BUBBLEGARM)


BUBBLEGARM was so smart to create a 4 Week Challenge, inspiring others to take the next 4 weeks to do whatever we need to do to look the way we've always wanted to.

Consequently enough I just took the picture you see above yesterday, which happens to be reavealing enough to show you what I'm working with here. I have been working out pretty hard lately, and my food has been nutrioutous for the most part, and mainly this is because I am trying out (in a few days) to be on the Washington Redskins Cheereader Ambassador squad for 2009. This squad is a group of women who are seen at every Football game and at events throughout the Washington DC Metro area mingling with the fans while the Cheerleaders entertain them with their hot dance moves on the field. I have been a part of such an amazing and fun squad for the past 3 seasons, but we all have to re-try out every year. In order to make it on the team, one of the qualifications is to be very fit (as you can probably imagine). Thus, I've been working very hard.

However, I will take the next 4 weeks to work on my abs even more. They are not completely where I would like them to be. I will continue to eat healthy food and exercise very regularly. I will keep you posted on the progress and outcome.

Also I must mention that for try outs the girls must wear a cute outfit that shows our tummies and everything else basically. Each year I grab a needle, some fabric, glitter, and get to work. I have not made the outfit that you see above completely from scratch, but definitely for the most part. Yes, I've poked myself with a needle quite a few times in the past week, but thats ok. The photo above shows my end product. But please ignore the crazy hair and the lack of make up. It was a very late night.


GiGi said...

Wow you look great!

courtney said...

you really do!! bangin body!
can you PLEASE do a post on what foods you eat, such as your breakfast lunch and dinner meals? im trying to eat better but dont know where to start! and also a post on your workout/ what you do/ how you dont get bored in the gym? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!<3

Aleksis said...

YAAY! I'm so glad you decided to take part and you are SO do have an amazing body, but the try-outs must really make you feel anxious..I'm sure you'll do fine, how could they resist you in that outfit?! p.s. ab work-outs are the WORST aren't they?? lol

bubblegarm said...

omg wow u look amazing :) u dont need to take part! ur perfect as u are!!!! x :)

Yelebella said...

You girls are so darn sweet!

GiGi - Thank you darling!

Courtney - You are very sweet...I still have things to work on though, but that should be fun. Its funny because once you start doing the routine of going to the gym and eating right, it becomes a took me so long to make it a routine though. I will definitely do the post that you are asking about :-).

Aleksis - Girl...YOU are the one with the amazing body!! Yes, try outs get a bit hectic...but the rush that comes with it is worth it. If this is something that you've ever been interested in and there is a team close to where you live, I say go try out too! haha

BUBBLEGARM - Thank you sweety! I really want to take part in the challenge because its so much fun to do it with all of you gorgeous ladies rather than alone :-)