Monday, March 30, 2009

eBay Haul

Just minutes after creating the previous post I discovered a very inexpensive Enzo Milano clipless curling iron. It is not a conical shape, just a regular cylindrical shape...but I figured I may as well start somewhere, right?

eBay seller: manonspring
Price: $32.99 (free shipping) I know it seems too good to be true but this seller has very positive feedback.

Additional Information:
-Aluminum Teflon coated Barrels to provide a protective barrier between the hair and heated iron providing more damage control.
-Reduced friction and
-Newest ceramic technology provides consistent temp curl after curl
-Ceramic heat will ensure the penetration of silk molecules to the hair
-Hair is heated softly and evenly from inside out
-Fraction of time curling
-Ceramic will produce negative ions to seal the cuticles and repel humidity
-Provides Raw infrared rays for superior protection to hair
-Ceramic far infrared rays reduce frizz and make the hair soft, shinny and healthier.

Once I receive this product and test it out, I will let you know if I recommend for you to buy it as well :-)
Another very recent (but expensive) purchase of mine is Glamour Extensions.
These are so cool! These one-piece 100% Human Remy extensions have been featured in many magazines and worn by numerous celebrities!

So you know how there are a lot of one-piece synthetic hair extensions on the market currently. They are easy to put on (although some brands have weak clips) and give you added length and volume in minutes.

Glamour extensions use the best and purest Remy hair on the market. The extensions that I purchased were a one-piece 21 inch (layered) hair in Color 4/27, which is chocolate brown with blonde highlights. Because the hair is human, I'll be able to style them in various ways.

eBay Seller: glamourextensions

Price: $169.99 (plus shipping) Yikes!! I'm not buying anything else for a long time now!

Please let me know if you own any of these products. Also please let me know if you would spend this money on hair or if you think its just plain silly. I love your opinions!!


courtney said...

i DEFINITELY would pay for hair- and i do! i have real extensions and theyre the most expensive thing I've ever bought but totally worth it!!

let me know how that curler goes ive been wanting one

Aleksis said...

I can't wait to see the extensions in! I've been comtemplating extions for a while now as well...Let us know how the curling iron works!

Yelebella said...

Courtney - Thank you! I feel much better now :-)

Aleksis - I will definitely let you know!

Mustafa Şenalp said...

Çok güzel site.:)

Aleksis said...

Omg you look so hot on your new blog header!! I forgot to ask how your tryouts went??

Yelena said...

Aleksis - you are seriously the biggest sweetheart! Yea...I put that header together last night (which is why I am a sleepy head today)...haha. Try outs went well! I have a lot of pics, but I am waiting to post it all until I hear back. I don't want to be excited about it prematurely! :-)...We are supposed to get a call next week or the week after. I'll post some videos and pics soon though! Thank you for asking!!!