Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bumpits & Smooth Away Review

As promised, I have a review for you about Bumpits and Smooth Away, the description of which you can find in one of my previous posts.
The photo above actually features two products (one of which was not on purpose): Bumpits and Jessica Simpson Synthetic Clip-In Hair Extensions.

Bumpits ($19.99 at Sally Beauty Supply) - I don't know to be honest. Yes, it does the job of lifting and volumizing the hair. That is true. One problem is the actual plastic bumpits are tough to hide. I really had to take my time combing hair over the bumpit and even then I'm sure you'd be able to see it if I moved my hair or head a certain way. I did not use hair spray as suggested in the instructions, but I don't like hair spray. I have not actually gone out with bumpits, so I do not know how long they would last before I'd see something strange hanging off my hair - oh yea, bumpit, there you are! You may ask, "but are they sturdy?" My answer is yes, for the most part. Once again, I have not performed the time test.

Should you buy it? Yes, if you want. This product is not terrible. Some people work it better than others. A great example is Emilynoel83. Please see her blog about Bumpits Review

Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions just happened to be on at the time. I've had these for 2 years. I love them. I have human hair extensions, synthetic, already made, the ones that I made myself, you name it. If you ever have any questions about hair extensions feel free to contact me.

Smooth Away ($9.99 at Sally Beauty Supply) This is good! I have not bothered to use this on my legs yet, but I tried on my arms and they are soooo smooth! I know for some this does not work, and I am not sure the exact reason. I think you have to use this product very gently and follow the instructions.

Does this product completely eliminate the use of a razor? Definitely not! But its a fun little extra fun tool if you are into that.


Aleksis said...

I missed you hot stuff! Bumpits look so cute on you...I haven't gotten around to wearing mine because I already have a HUGE head and I think the bumpits just make it look even

Yelebella said...

Aleksis - I miss you too!! I joined your new blog :-). You have very pretty hair already, you don't need any bumpits.

Aleksis said...

Aww! Thank you....I'd trade it for your SKIN anyday!....I'm glad you joined my new blog...I am going to be doing an FOTD soon that I know you'll love! ♥

Av said...

just wondering about the Jessica Simpson hair what lenght did you get? I'm not sure whether to get the 19" layered one or to go for the american dream hair pieces - whats your advice?

bubblegarm said...

u look gorgeous!! love ur hair colour! xx

Yelebella said...

Aleksis - I love your FOTD's. Can't wait!!

Av - These are Jessica Simpson's Synthetic 22 inch Straight with layers. I don't wear them all too often, but at the same time they have lasted for about 2 years now. American Dream extensions are made of human hair, so unlike Jessica's, you can style them any way you want. They feel lighter, because you have separate pieces rather than one piece like Jessica's. The quality of human hair lasts longer also (although if you take care of synthetic hair, they will last you for a while too). Maybe I'll do a post about Synthetic vs. human hair, One-piece extensions vs. multiple pieces.

bubblegarm - Thank you!! It means a lot coming from a stunning little lady like you!

GiGi said...

Just found your blog & joined Yay! you r so pretty!
On the smooth away, does the hair grow back very course or fast? I've been wanting to try it. I have thick hair, do u think tthe bumpits will hold it?

Yelebella said...

GiGi - Thank you so much for joining my blog. I'll be sure to check yours out also! The hair grows back just normal with Smooth Away...not fact, my hair still is hardly visible (but then again I used it on my arms and not legs). Give it a try. Maybe even do this - purchase it at CVS and then if you don't like it return it. I know I am being so unethical. haha, but hey its your money and you deserve the best.