Friday, November 4, 2011

Hair to wow for - HANA BLACKLABEL Shineshield

As promised, I have an exciting review for you about Hana Blacklabel Shineshield!!
I am obbsessed with beautiful shiny hair. Since mine is long, it can easily get tangly and that is not exactly a good look!! So I invest into products such as Moroccan Oil, various leave in conditioners, detanglers, you name it! But I have recently tried something AMAZING - Hana Blacklabel Shineshield - my new HG!
Here is what the website claims:
HANA Shineshield BLACK LABEL provides the ultimate shine for your hair in an all new alcohol-free oil treatment after just one use. Named *Product of the Year*, HANA Shineshield BLACK LABEL seals and locks in 98% of the moisture in your hair to deliver a deep hydrating condition. You will see the immediate difference in the look of your hair and also feel the sleek and silky touch. This product unlike its competitors can be used on all hair types to create any style.

HANA Shine Shield BLACK LABEL Features: Lightweight leave-in Oil Treatment Designed to protect and restore hair styling and environmental stress Oil Treatment absorbs quickly without a greasy feel for thorough deep conditioning Oil Treatment naturally dissolves residue, removing build-up from other styling products to leave hair clean & supple Oil Treatment naturally excels at thickening keratin layers, bringing out your hair's natural color overtones, highlights and brilliance

I have only been using Shine Shield for a week, but my hair has been unbelievable ever since!! So smooth, shiny, and manageable. I love!! The smell is super addicting and beautiful. Would I choose this over Moroccan Oil? I would :). I got this product from

They threw in some fun extra items along with Hana Shine Shiled. Everything was packaged beautifully. Take a look:

Bobby Brown Brush Set!!

Nail Buffers and Hand Sanitizer

Super soft hair

Have you ever tried Hana Blacklabel? I haven't heard of it until visiting the misikko website. I'll post a few more links that you may be interested in!

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To learn more about Hana, follow this link!

Now its your turn to let me know what your current favorite hair products are!!!


Lea said...

Too many products to name and too many that I hate to name, lol. Great site though. ;)

Wendy Ayche said...

Thanks for the review :)
Much love,

Gerry Hamilton said...

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