Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have been a busy bee recently with so many great and busy things going on. Besides work and family events, I have been involved in a fabulous COUTURE FOR A CURE Fashion show in Washington DC, which raised money for Nadine Namoff's Woman of the Year Campaign (money goes to leukemia and lymphoma treatment and research). I have also been going to sporting events and spending very much valuable time with friends :-)

With that said, I missed you all very much and would love to update you on my recent favorite/Go-to products!!

Almay Nearly Naked Touch-pad Liquid Foundation - this is incredible...and funny enough, I used to use it in High School. I put just a little bit of this on before concealer application and final look is flawless!

Almay Smart Shade Concealer (in Light/Medium) with a breakthrough shade-sensing technology, which "starts out white and adjusts to right." So perfect under eyes and everywhere else. I've fallen for this one.

Mary Kay Concealer (in a black tube) color Beige 2 - This one is thicker in texture than Almay and still looks amazing under the eyes and everywhere else!

Eye Liner Pencil
Cover Girl Perfect Blend
MAC Smolder
Eyeliner Pen (Dupe of MAC's Penultimate)
Jordana's Eyeliner Pen (only $1.99 and amazing)

MAC Charcoal Brown - This color is perfect (for me). Instead of using a lot of different taupe's and browns on my eyelids at one time, I now only use a light nude color all over and this Charcoal Brown in crease, and it looks better than anything I've tried before (as far as neutral browns). This is also a great color to fill in the brows (for the light brown/medium brown hair).

Barry M 101 Lip Paint - Perfect pale/nude pink :-)

That's all for now, but please expect more Favorite Products Posts coming up shortly!


Aleksis said...

You look so pretty in that picture, and I really like that dress! I'm glad you are doing good and can't wait till you get back(I have been MIA as well) are going to think I am BSing, but I have been using Charcoal brown in the crease with either rice paper or blonde's gold on my lids the last 3 or 4 times I've done my makeup! I completely agree with you that it is such a great combination. :)

bubblegarm said...

u look gorgeous - love the dress! xx

Tali said...

COUTURE FOR A CURE..sounds so good!

Love the look so sleek and sexy and appropriate!

Glad to see you back

courtney said...

definitely gorgeous!! i want that barry m lipstick!! andd WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? miss your blog :(

Liparazzi said...

Great post, love the blog!I don't think some of those products are available in the UK :( Come swing by mine sometime! x

Tali said...

Babe.. where are you!??!?