Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Birthday Hello

Last week in Bahamas

Hey Everyone!!

I miss all of you very much! I have been so busy lately with work, life events, and a little vacation :-) that I have neglected one of my favorite things - blogging! Today seemed an appropriate time to reconnect because it is MY BIRTHDAY!
I am thrilled to see what my 24th year in life will bring - especially in the beauty inspiration department. While being 23 I have attempted to keep the glamour look while kicking it down a notch. I have learned that less is more (at least for a day look). Sometimes a tinted moisturizer is better than foundation, transluscent powder plus bronzer is at times prettier than powder foundation, chap stick/lip gloss is sexier than lipstick. These are just some of the lessons learned.

Since I have been gone for so long, do you have any special requests? I promise to respond to every one of your requests within just a few days.



Tali said...

I missed you hon!
Happy Birthday.. hope your having a great week and youre happy at this age and time. Only good things to come!!
love the things you wrote so so true. xxx

courtney said...

Oh my gosh Yelena, I thought you died!! Heheh well not reallly but Im soooo glad you're back! Hooray!!

Yelena said...

@Tali - wow, I love your main icon photo! Gorgeous! Thank you for the great wishes.

@Courtney - I know!! For a while I lost access to blogspot at my work computer, which put me so behind...but its back on! You are wonderful!!

Aleksis said...

Yay, I'm glad you're back! Happy Birthday! :) If you have bought anything since you've been away I'd love to hear about them!


bubblegarm said...

awww missing ur blog updates.. come back :( xx happy 24th b'day. we r the same age :) and i want ur tan!

Sammie said...

yelena! glad to see your back and happy bday! looking forward to more from you!!!

tina_mbc said...

Hope you had a great birthday dear! :)

Can't wait to see new posts from you! :)))


*SweetestSinSheroon* said...


yay.. Happy Birthday yo you!! Hope all your wishes come true..

as for requests: tips and trics, FOTD,Reviews..


Iva said...

happy Belated Birthday!!

stilettolover91 said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! You look so gorgeous in that picture!!! I hope you had a great time!!