Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MAC Update

So this is interesting.

Yesterday after work, I went to MAC Store to potentially purchase the new Studio Sculpt Concealer and Foundation (if you live in Northern Virginia - the store is located in Tysons Corner 2 Mall). Let me tell you, the trip to the store was a complete disappointment. Before I discuss this disaster further, I must mention that I used to go to this store very often. I know almost every MUA there and am pretty close with a few. Well, unfortunately all of my good friends were busy with clients, so I was approached by a girl who I have seen but never really dealt with in the past. Long story short, she was a complete Biyach!!! I've never seen anything like this. I was SHOCKED...especially since I have myself been a MUA for years now. Here is a list of crap I had to deal with:

1) She would not let me even walk up to the foundation/concealer area. She insisted on me sitting down and removing a patch of make up that I didn't happen to even have on (regardless of the fact that I told her I have no time for that). Her demands were rude and pushy.

2) Finally, I sat down. As she was wiping off my chin with the MAC wipes, she literally was ordering me to buy these wipes regardless of the fact that I told her I already have 3 packs of these wipes at home.

3) I know I am a bit more pale now than I usually am. I am on the Cheer Ambassador Team for Washington Redskins, and during the off-season I let my skin relax from tanning sprays and what not. Granted, try outs (must try out every year) are in a month now, so my color will be darkening in no time. Well, this girl brings me a foundation color that is literally shades lighter than anything I've ever used - NC20. Yes, I am lighter right now, but generally I am NC 40 on a not so tan day...COME ON! If your make up does not match your skin, it looks more obvious and/or cakey, regardless if it is lighter or darker. The MUA was matching me to my neck, which is NOT the color of my face...lady, please match me to my face and I promise I will create a strategic plan for the neck later. Nope!

4) She tried to sell to me a concealer that was way too light also - NC20...and unfortunately I bough t it, but it does NOT match AT ALL. I will exchange.

5) After her attempt to push me into buying a foundation color that did not even match me, I asked if I could take a sample with me to try out the product and come back for a full size once I reach my normal tan skin color. I explained that I will be getting tanner very soon, and the suggested foundation color would not match me for a year after. She REFUSED!! She said, "customers love this foundation, so you do not need a sample."

6) As if I had no idea, the MUA explained to me in a very rude manner how I need to own a summer and winter foundation color. At that point I responded, "Have you not seen me in this store before? I own about every color and type of foundation you carry...believe me I know, and I DO NOT need a foundation color that I will not consistently use, especially when I'm not big on foundations as it is."

7) I walked out with a concealer that did not match my skin, no samples, and a very bad mood.

My friend and her sister have encountered this MUA in the past also. She was terrible to them too. My friend straight up told her what she thought, saying that she was a complete bit*h and very unprofessional, that her career would not go far at such a rate. Her sister said nothing but got up form the chair abruptly and left the store. So there you have it!

I will exchange the concealer today. I'm not sure if this is because the color is off, but my first reactions to this product are OK but not fabulous. It is creamy which is nice, but I can still see little cakey specks/patches of color under my eyes, which does not look natural. Once again, this is probably because of the wrong color. I will be updating you on my reactions once I find the correct shade.

Till next time :-)


Maddy said...

sucks!!! Sometimes I find the MUA at the MAC counter to be very snobby and rude. What happened to "customer service" and "the customer is always right"? Sometimes you're not even asking for ADVICE...they come offering it and do it in a rude way. Ugh I have no patience for that. Now in terms of the Studio Scult foundation and concealer, I believe that they show up darker on your skintone... so if you're NC40 in any other MAC foundation, you'd take a lighter shade in studio scult. Just what I heard..I haven't tried the foundation myself. Not yet.

Yelebella said...

Maddy - Yes, whatever happened to customer service? But you know, this girl seriously must have her own issues that go beyond her job. Oh well! Oh, thanks for the info about the Studio Sculpt colors...I'll be going for my try #2!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your horrible experience. I agree with Maddy about the MAC MUA's. I don't like them doing my makeup because they try to sell me things I don't want and I tell them that about 50 times. I usually go there to get a good look at a color, since the MAC website is not that true to it's colors, but I really prefer shopping online. Less hassle and less rude beeotch's. I didn't purchase the Studio sculpt concealer which was a good thing because the foundation works great. I don't need a concealer. I use it under my eyes too and it works great.

FuN and MakeUp said...

thank you for droppin by my blog! xoxo

nicole said...

she defo have to fireddd! 1st class bitch. haha!:)

nicole said...

come back. yr gone for a really long time lol
[new blogie]

Yelebella said...

Nicole - you are so cute! You are right, I have been gone for too long! I have been so sick with this insane I couldn't even take decent photos for product reviews. But everything is much better now and I am back :-).

GiGi said...

I was at my store the other day, & tha MUA couldn't even pay attention to my questions because she wanted every costomer to herself. Why r some of th Mac MUA like that? When I find that only rude ones r working that day, I leave.