Monday, February 16, 2009

Potential Buys


I have finally received internet at my new place so my regular blogging should be back on track shortly.

Because I pay monthly rent now, I am trying to be a little more careful with my spendings. Therefore, I haven't been beauty shopping for quite some time now - especially since I even had to eliminate a lot of my access products while moving. They are all wonderful cosmetics that may have been used only once or twice. I am thinking of selling some of you think its a good idea?

However, there are a few products that I am thinking about a lot lately. Here they are:

1) New Revlon Matte Lipstick in Nude Attitude. Has anyone tried?

2) MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation. Is it possible to achieve a natural look with this product? I probably won't use it all over, but under eyes and around nose. What are your thoughts? I'll give you my review as soon as I try.

3) The new MAC lip conditioner in Pink Fish.

4) I am thinking of checking out the new Creme Sheen lipsticks - Lavender Whip, Creme Cup. I probably won't buy any though.

5) Per Sarabella's blog - Clean and Clear Oxygenerating Fizzing Cleanser!! Seems amazing!

That's it girls and boys!

Please comment if you have used any of the products listed above. Do you like them? Why or why not?

Also please let me know if you think it is worth selling some of the extra beauty products that I have. My tendency to try new products constantly has left me with a lot of unused ones. They are truly good, I just have too many - mainly make-up (eye shadows, lip products, foundation, bronzers, etc.)


nikkiga1530 said...

I love MAC Studio Sculpt foundation! It works great and does what it promises to do and I'm not a liquid foundation person at all. I use it with my Bare Escenutals handy buki brush and absoultely love it. Must try it. A little goea along way too. Haven't tried the lipstick but I'm intriqued by it.

Av said...

Hi there,
have really missed your posts thought you had abandoned us!! You really should go ahead and sell your unwanted goodies you could make some money for more!! Just make sure you accept international!!!

Yelebella said...

Nikkiga1530 - Thank you for the advice. You know, I will do a post about this because I am shocked...but I went to the MAC store today, and the MUA was a total meany...turns out she is a "B" word to friends have encountered her and have literally gotten up from the chair and walked out. So I did not get to buy the fabulous foundation yet :-( Def not from her. But will!!

Av - Aw, I am definitely still around...I would not abandon you! I think I will sell some of the products. I'll ship International of course!

Aleksis said...

ooooo must try that lipstick...I heard people raving over it (not that specific color) and def. try selling some of your makeup...I sold a few of my items that were lying around and made 70 quick bucks!

Taylor said...

Oooh if you do try that Revlon lipstick can you do a review? I've had my eye on it for a while now! Also I've heard goood things about the Hello Kitty pink fish!