Monday, January 5, 2009

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Foundation Primer

Hi Lovelies!
Surprisingly, I have never been a big fan of primers. I used to use BE's Bare Vitamins primer in the past, because it was a great skin treatment, but nothing else until - NOW! Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer has won me over.
As many of you know, one good way to know if the product is excellent is if you use it all up. This was the first product in a LONG time that I have completely finished (and bought more of).
What this product does: smoothes skin, minimizes pores, evens out complexion, prolongs the wear of your foundation.
Feels like: light-weight mattifying lotion, very smooth, not oily
Looks like: peachy skin color shade, blends well into skin no matter what color (I use it now that I'm NC30/NW25 and when I was NC43/NW35).
Other comments: I wear this primer alone sometimes, with only concealer and MUFE HD powder over top. If you don't need too much coverage but wish to even out your skin color, use this alone. When used with foundation, you are guaranteed a fresh look all day.
Who should use: If you have normal to oily skin, this is for you
Who should not use: I think with dry skin, this product would be a bit tougher, considering it is mattifying. However, use your favorite moisturizer first, and this may just be your HG primer also :-)
What about you? Have you tried any Rimmel Products? What did you like? What did you not like at all?


emilynoel83 said...

Hey! Hope you're having a good day so far. I LOVE this primer. I recently ran out so I'm using up the Smashbox Photo finish I currently have, but the Rimmel stuff is really great. I've heard some really fair people say that the peach color of it doesn't work with their skin, but it works fine for me and the price is fantastic of course!

Yelebella said...

emilynoel83 - I'm so glad you love this primer also! Your skin is gorgeous! To be honest, I am pretty darn fair right now (even lighter than in the pictures) since I have been completely neglecting tanning of any sort, and the color still works. I can imagine though, that if someone is VERY fair, this would be tougher.

Anonymous said...

Hey - Yelebella! :D thanks so much for this post i was just about to buy some revlon primer to go with the foundation but after reading this i will deff get the rimmel fix and perfect! xXx